BLESSINGS Saturday, October 17, 2009

WOW, the past few days have held such blessings.

Yes, we are tired.  Yes, we are…(let me say it again)….tired.  But oh how our hearts are full of joy!

The children that came to us are truly precious (as all children are).

Unfortunately, for the safety of the children, I am not allowed to share their names or pictures on a public website.  However, I must tell you that I wish I could share their pics with you all!  They are adorable inside and out.  (For those of you who know us personally, we look forward to you meeting them in person!)

The four year old boy is very polite, well-behaved, smart, and a joy to be with.  He is still young enough that we get to baby him a little bit, but just old enough to want to be strong even when he is sad (sigh).  As I was reading him his bedside story tonight and his head laid on my side, I was thinking to myself how he is already finding a special place in my heart.

The little baby girl (who is now 5 days old) is precious.  She has her days and nights mixed up (if that is possible this early on).  She sleeps all day, only waking for feeding.  However, at night she is alert and ready to be held, talked to, and noticed.  In one of these moments last night, tears flowed down my face as I reflected on how precious she is.  Just four days ago she was in the womb….How God formed every part of her body.  Just to look at her tiny fingers and toes…I found myself telling her, “You have a special purpose in life.  I pray you will meet Jesus for yourself and give Him your life.  There is so much you can do if you know Him.”  [As her eyes looked up at mine and her mouth opened wide for another meal.]

In every moment whether cute/funny or their grief displayed, my heart utters a prayer to God asking Him to shadow them with His love and to draw them close to Himself.  I pray that no matter their journey, they would find Jesus at a young age and come to know Him for themselves.

Most people that I have been able to talk to personally have asked me how long they will be with us.  The reality of foster parenting is that we simply don’t know.  We do have general details in regards to the situations causing the family intervention, but we don’t know the depth (or shallowness) of these issues.  It could be something resolved quickly by the family allowing the children to go back home or it could be something that will take them months and months of attaining approval to have children granted back to their home.

We simply don’t know.  What we do know is that these two precious children were meant to be in our home at this time and this place.  And in this we find rest.  When they are with us they will be loved.  mmmmm…..That phrase caused a pause in my heart for a moment…Yes, every child that is with us will be loved.  We definitely believe it is better for a child to receive our fullest love than for us to protect and guard our own hearts selfishly “knowing this might end”.

And now to my thank you’s!……………

To all of you that have prayed with us, helped us with clothing, meals, boys clothing, boy toys, baby furniture, baby supplies, baby this and baby that – WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW GRATEFUL WE ARE!  I am still astounded that within a few hours of finding out the children were coming to our home – every single immediate need was taken care of.  THANK YOU does not describe the deep gratitude we hold in our hearts for you!!!!

And of course our deepest gratitude belongs to God who, knowing all things, led us to foster parenting together, at the same time, in agreement, and with His blessing.  There is no doubt when I see these precious children in our home that we did the right thing.

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3 Responses to BLESSINGS Saturday, October 17, 2009

  1. Anonymous
    I stumbled across your webiste lwhile I was looking for something. My husband and I and our children have been a foster family for 17 years. It definitely has been our “Michigan based mission field” It has been fulfilling, heart wrenching, laborous and fun. Most of all it has been God ordained as it is for you. Although I don’t even know you I will be praying for God’s annointing to be on you to take this selfless journey. Be Blessed!! ….And Energized!!!
    Mary K
    Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 02:24 AM

  2. Anonymous
    I am so extreamly happy for you and Jeff!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could have been at church today to see your blessings. I will continue to pray for you and the children..

    Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 12:10 PM

  3. acacia
    I am so excited, YOU are such an encouragement to me that one day I can attain what God has placed in my heart to have a foster home and adopt that is when God sends me my prince charming LOL So happy for you and Jeff…Those kids I know are feeling the love of God and will be forever changed by your love and pouring into their lives if for a day or years…Praying for strength and lots of rest, missed you guys today 🙂
    Sunday, October 18, 2009 – 11:39 PM

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