Bedtime with Jesus. Friday, April 30, 2010

Bedtime can often be a source of difficulty for foster children.  Primarily, they don’t like having to go to a dark room all by themselves. Their whole foundation has been broken and they have been rejected, left behind or dropped off at strange places.  Even worse, many foster children have been left by themselves at home while their parents decided to run an errand, go to work, or do this or that.

Therefore, bedtime is a pretty big deal for the kids – at least initially.

I try to read before bed (though this slacks at times, I must admit), I pray, I sing, I turn night lights on, turn on fans (white noise), and the list goes on.  Still at the end of the ritual, it takes a lot of convincing to contrive sleep!

When Big Boy was still living with us (we hear he is doing great, by the way!), he would tell us that Jesus sleeps with him at night.  He told me that Jesus would tell him that He loves him and is protecting him.

We always heard that, rejoiced in our hearts and took it at face value.  We always encourage our children that no matter how old they are, they can hear the voice of God.

All that said, the depth of what Jesus is doing on behalf of these precious children was freshly renewed in my heart when Little Boy and I talked a few weeks ago.

Keep in mind that in the few weeks Little Boy lived with Big Boy, the whole subject of Jesus sleeping with him (Big Boy) did not come up.

Little Boy and I talked about how God is with him.  Little Boy said, “Yeah and Jesus comes to my room at night and sleeps with me.  He talks to me and tells me that He loves me and He is protecting me.”

My heart clenched and unclenched with complete joy as I realized this “bedtime with Jesus” could no longer be attributed to anything but a miracle.  Two separate boys on separate occasions – repeating the exact same thing:  Jesus is speaking to them reassuring them that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.  He loves them and is protecting them.

Jesus is just what the doctor ordered.  Night lights, songs and stories help soothe – but only Jesus is the healer and sustainer of a despairing heart.

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