Awww…I was missed. Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last night, I went to my workplace’s Staff & Deacon Christmas Party.

Normally, Jeff joins me for this party.  However, he couldn’t come this time.  We are required to have state approved childcare providers (our friends who get an official background check) in order to leave big boy with a “babysitter”.  In light of the fact big boy had been at daycare all day long, we didn’t want to drop him off with someone else and further diminish our time with him.  So, he and Jeff had a buddy-buddy night!

They went to IHOP (big boy LOVES pancakes), went to buy me a surprise Christmas gift, and then came home.  Apparently, throughout the night big boy said, “I miss Miss Dana.”

When I came home at 10:30, big boy was already far into his deep sleep.  But Jeff told me, “You can’t leave like that very often.  Big boy misses you.”  Apparently, big boy got up several times from bed and said, “I need Miss Dana to sing Jesus songs to me.”

Now if that doesn’t break your heart!!!  I might have a life sentence to never do anything fun at night after hearing him say that!

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One Response to Awww…I was missed. Thursday, December 17, 2009

  1. Anonymous
    How cool. That’ so awesome. He’s warming up to the both of you in a real way. What a great way to end the night.
    Wednesday, December 23, 2009 – 11:07 AM

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