After Much Ado, Big Boy’s Entry! Monday, November 16, 2009

Last week, I alluded to news regarding big boy that deserved its own blog entry.

This was one entry I wanted to be able to write without rushing…and this past week was too packed to really take a moment to sit down and jot down this good news to share with you all.

So, here I am now.  Big boy is sleeping.  Jeff is sleeping.  And I am awake with a few minutes to myself.

So, here it goes!

One night last week, Jeff put big boy to sleep.  Normally, it is me who does the bedtime routine.  I don’t remember why he did it that night, but to bed big boy went with Jeff in tow.

Jeff didn’t know that I am reading our Children’s Bible cover to cover with big boy.  I am kind of an “in order” person.  Our conversations opened up as we traveled through the Old Testament together.  It never dawned on me to do what Jeff did that night.  And I am ashamed to admit it.

Jeff, thumbed his way through the Children’s Bible until he found the picture of Jesus on the cross.  That night, Jeff shared exactly who Jesus was and that he had died on the cross for him.

From his first entrance to our home, we shared who Jesus was and that He loves big boy.  We shared that Jesus died on the cross for him.  But that night, Jeff read it to him from the Children’s Bible and pictures illustrated the story.

Jeff never told me which story he read and I didn’t learn of it until the next night when I put big boy to bed.

He excitedly asked me to to read “the story about Jesus on the cwoss!”  I stuttered for a moment sort of confused.  After a few seconds of digesting his request, it dawned on me that Jeff had interrupted my scheduled reading.

I mentioned I am an “in order” type of a person.  That doesn’t mean my house is perfect or everything is always tidy.  But, should a picture be less or more than 0% level on the wall, it will wig me out!  (LOL)  If I see a table placemat at an angle, I will without thought quickly fix it to be perfectly square.  And when I read a story or work on a project, I like to work on it in order….One piece at a time.

There was a natural irritation that rose to me initially for a nano-second, until my spirit kicked in.  I had unconsciously passed up the best truth of all because I was reading in order.  I was so ashamed.  I was soaking in each story, knowing exactly where we were in the Word of God, and yet missed the opportunity so many nights in a row to thoroughly read what Jesus did for big boy.

I quickly turned to the story.  Big boy pointed to the picture of Jesus and told me, “That’s Jesus.  He died on the cwoss for me.  He yuves me.”  I choked back my tears and agreed with him.

We read the story and went one chapter further to read the story of Jesus raising from the dead.  He went back and forth between the pictures asking for clarity.  “Jesus is dead, the women are crying, and now he is ayive?”  After many times explaining how powerful God is that death cannot remain in Him, there was a moment of utter peace in the room.  I sensed that somehow his 4 year old heart grasped this truth.

Several more nights commenced with requests to read the exact same story – which I did gladly.

The day after his baby sister left, we were driving to daycare and he was telling me how he didn’t want his baby sister to leave.  As we discussed this, I reminded him that Jesus could be his best friend and even if no one else understands, he can go to Jesus.  He can tell Jesus how he feels anytime – whether he is happy or sad.

I shared with him that when we go to Jesus and ask him to forgive us of our sins and ask Him to be Lord of our life (which I explained at his level), He will be our best friend.  That means we can talk to Him any time we want to and He will be there for us. We may not see Him with our eyes, but we can learn to know His voice and when He is speaking to us.

As I shared with big boy the salvation message, I was simultaneously thinking to myself, ‘I thought this would happen at bedtime?’  But it was easy to recognize this was his moment.

“Big boy, would you like Jesus to be your best friend?  Would you like to choose to live knowing Jesus?”  He said, “Yes.”  I led him in a prayer as we drove together.  I know I am not imagining things when i say I felt a strong peace enter our car that morning.  On that cold November 10th morning, big boy grinned ear to ear and proudly announced: “Jesus is my best friend!  He died on the cwoss for me and he yuves me!”

And I answered back, “Yes, big boy.  Yes, He is your best friend and yes he died on the cross for you and yes, He loves you.”

God used my husband that night to read the story that should have been read from day one.  God trumped my way and once again, I am only delighted He did.

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6 Responses to After Much Ado, Big Boy’s Entry! Monday, November 16, 2009

  1. Anonymous
    This is a beautiful story, Dana!!! Loved reading this…love reading all of your entries. Don’t always have time to comment, but I’ve read each one and praise God for this amazing journey He has you on!!
    Much love,
    Kristi (Hoggard) Lundgren
    Monday, November 16, 2009 – 10:20 PM

  2. Sherice
    Dana, I am so excited. This is the best news and blog ever! You have such a way with kids and such a way with words. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Mostly, because now we know that God has a special plan, purpose for Big Boy and a place in his heart! Keep up the incredible ministry of loving these kids!
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 – 09:26 AM

  3. liz
    What a wonderful gift that you and Jeff have given Big Boy! The difference that you made in his life and the generations to come is enormous. May God bless you for the love that you are pouring out.
    P.S. Isn’t amazing the lessons that God will teach you using the children? Had a few of those myself.
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 – 11:28 AM

  4. Sue Saad
    I am so happy for you and your family. I know exactly the peace you are talking about. Timothy was only 4 when he accepted Jesus as his Saviour and the presence of God that came in his room when he did was incredible. I pray that God will continue to guide you and Jeff and most of all, that Big Boy will know the peace and comfort of Jesus.
    Wednesday, November 18, 2009 – 09:34 AM

  5. Mom
    Honey you and Jeff make us proud! Continue to pour your lives and the love of Christ into all the children that bless your home. You were also 4 when you asked Jesus to be your best friend.
    Thursday, November 19, 2009 – 07:10 PM

  6. Anonymous
    Shine Jesus Shine 🙂
    Tuesday, December 1, 2009 – 02:54 PM

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