Crucified, Rejected, Cast Aside Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There is a Christian song whose lyrics impacted me tonight in a fresh way.

“Crucified, laid behind a stone.

You lived to die, rejected and alone

Like a rose, trampled on the ground,

You took the fall and thought of me,

Above All”

The heart of Jesus is for the lost to come to Him even as He is rejected, ridiculed, and cast aside.  Our Savior was crucified in utter persecution in a most shameful manner.  The very people Jesus loved and longed to have as His children rejected Him…

He knows the pain of barrenness.  He knows what it is to long for children.

It dawned on me tonight that in some small, small way – we are sharing in the sufferings of Christ.  We are getting a glimpse on our level what He is feeling on a much broader spectrum.

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